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Library: Policy

340:100-5-53. Individual Plan

Revised 6-1-10

(a) The Individual Plan (Plan) is a written document that describes the services necessary for the health and welfare, the outcomes desired by the service recipient and the services and supports necessary to achieve those outcomes.  Each Plan includes:

  • (1) basic demographic information, including emergency information and health and safety concerns;

  • (2) assessment information;

  • (3) description of services and supports identified by the Personal Support Team;

  • (4) outcomes to be achieved;

  • (5) action steps or methods to achieve the outcomes, including:

    • (A) means to assess progress; and

    • (B) names of persons or agency positions responsible for implementing each part of the Plan;

  • (6) community participation strategies and activities;

  • (7) identification of needed individual-specific staff training, with required time frames for completion, per OAC 340:100-3-38; and

  • (8) medication support plan, per OAC 340:100-5-32.

(b) The Plan is updated as required by ongoing assessment of progress and needs.

(c) A copy of the service recipient's Plan is provided to the:

  • (1) service recipient; and

  • (2) service recipient's family, legal guardian, and designated advocate.

(d) Relevant portions of the Plan are provided to persons or agencies who provide support or services to the service recipient.

(e) The Developmental Disabilities Services Division case manager develops a Plan of Care that is consistent with the Plan to authorize payment for services.

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