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340:100-5-51. Individual assessment

Revised 9-15-16

An individual assessment process forms the basis for developing an Individual Plan (Plan).

(1) Psychological, medical, social, and functional assessments are completed prior to the development of an initial Plan.

(2) The medical, social, and functional assessments are reviewed and updated at least annually.

(3) Consistent with the service recipient-directed focus of planning, the Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) case manager ensures completion or update of a person-centered assessment, and necessary assessments to support the need for services, with the service recipient at least annually, to form the basis for developing the Plan of Care.

(A) Assessments address the service recipient's needs and choices for supports and services related to:

(i) personal relationships;

(ii) home;

(iii) employment, education, or both;

(iv) transportation;

(v) health and safety;

(vi) leisure;

(vii) social skills; and

(viii) communication.

(B) The DDS case manager ensures early intervention and prevention by the Personal Support Team when changes occur.Events, such as the loss of a loved one, change in roommates, staff, schedules, health changes, or loss of a job prompt a reassessment of needs, services, and supports.  • 1


Issued 9-15-16

1.The case manager requests a person-centered facilitator assist the Team when the service recipient:

(A) is new to residential services;

(B) has an increased number or intensity of behavioral incidents; or

(C) is dissatisfied with services.

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