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Library: Policy

340:100-5-27. Skilled nursing services

Issued 5-18-92

     The DHS provides skilled nursing services in the community to those individuals determined to be in need of such services as a result of the interdisciplinary team process. These services will be provided contingent upon availability of adequate resources.

  • (1) The skilled nursing services provided include but are not limited to:
    • (A) Continuous, consistent and accurate assessments documenting any changes in the patients physical or mental status;
    • (B) Reports of all significant observations or changes in physical or mental status or needs of the individual and maintenance of the plan of care based on these reports;
    • (C) Administers medication only as ordered and specified by the attending physician;
    • (D) Documentation of medication administration, responses, adverse reactions or explanations;
    • (E) Current and accurate medication records;
    • (F) Current and daily documentation of individual's status and duties as outlined in the nurse care plan;
    • (G) Annual nursing assessments and any needed interim written nursing assessments;
    • (H) Implementation of written plan of care;
    • (I) Consistently high standards of professionalism and initiative contributing to the quality of care; and
    • (J) Leadership, supervision, training, motivation and initiative.
  • (2) Skilled Nursing Services shall be rendered in such a manner as to provide the individual as much autonomy as possible.
  • (3) These services shall be flexible and responsive to changes in the individual's needs.
  • (4) Providers are expected to participate in annual interdisciplinary meetings and other team meetings as required.
  • (5) The skilled nursing services providers must insure consistent high quality of care.
  • (6) The provider must provide supervision and services as identified in the Individual Habilitation Plan.
  • (7) The provider must provide continuous services as prescribed in the plan of care.
  • (8) Appropriate supervisory staff shall be available to oversee the provision of Skilled Nursing Services.
  • (9) Service providers shall be Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses who are graduates of an accredited school of nursing and currently licensed to practice in the State of Oklahoma. They should demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of individuals with mental retardation. They must be a mature and stable individual, free of any communicable disease and physically able to perform all duties appropriate to their profession.
  • (10) The provider must notify case manager or other appropriate representatives of the Department in the case of an emergency. Emergencies warranting notification of the Department shall include, but not be limited to:
    • (A) fire,
    • (B) storm damage,
    • (C) death,
    • (D) missing persons, and
    • (E) other critical incidents which would cause a significant disruption of services.
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