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Library: Policy

340:100-5-30. Adult day care

Issued 7-1-00

(a) Adult day care services are provided for eligible individuals 18 years of age or older who were certified on or before February 29, 2000, in a sheltered workshop under a day care provider contract administered by the Family Support Services Division. New individuals will not be added to the program.

(b) Day care services are provided for adults to:

  • (1) enable the person's usual caretaker to receive education or training, or to obtain or retain employment;
  • (2) provide special training and supervision to adults with developmental disabilities;
  • (3) provide a protective environment when necessary;
  • (4) enable the person with mental retardation to experience a social development process not available in the home; or
  • (5) help prevent unnecessary institutionalization.

(c) The adult day care plan in the person's Individual Plan:

  • (1) describes needs of the person receiving services;
  • (2) defines how day care staff will meet the identified needs;
  • (3) describes how the individual will arrive at and depart from the facility; and
  • (4) includes a notation of the person's specific diet, if applicable, and that the facility is able to provide the diet.

(d) Services are monitored as a part of the routine sheltered workshop surveys described in OAC 340:100-3-27, Quality Assurance.

(e) The rate paid is not to exceed $10 per day per individual for more than four hours of attendance per day and $6 per day per individual for four hours or less of attendance per day.

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