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340:100-5-3. Emergency Services

Revised 6-1-10

(a) General information.  Emergency Services are support services that provide short-term relief to individuals and their families or caregivers to prevent out-of-home placement, and to ensure the health and welfare of the individual.

  • (1) Emergency Services are provided to resolve an emergency situation and only after all other resources have been exhausted.

  • (2) The use of Emergency Services is intended to eliminate identified issues that jeopardize health, safety, or continued home residence of the individual.

  • (3) The rules in this Section do not apply to individuals who receive services through a Home and Community-Based Waiver (HCBW).

(b) Services provided.  Emergency Services include:

  • (1) habilitation training specialist (HTS) services;

  • (2) homemaker services;

  • (3) respite services;

  • (4) transportation services;

  • (5) adaptive equipment;

  • (6) medical supplies, medications, or food supplements;

  • (7) utilities; and

  • (8) other services as requested and approved on an individual basis.

(c) Eligibility.  Emergency Services may be offered to an individual who:

  • (1) is an Oklahoma resident;

  • (2) has been determined to have mental retardation or a related condition per OAC 340:100-1-2;

  • (3) is age six or older;

  • (4) is not receiving services funded through the HCBW;

  • (5) is not residing in a nursing facility, or intermediate care facility for persons with mental retardation (ICF/MR); and

  • (6) has no financial resources or other means of resolution to the emergency.

(d) Service requirements.  Emergency Services are:

  • (1) based on need;

  • (2) individualized; and

  • (3) flexible in meeting the needs of the person.

(e) Administration.  Emergency Services are:

  • (1) authorized in writing prior to service delivery by the Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) programs administrator for Community Services or designee;

  • (2) funded through the State of Oklahoma without federal subsidy;

  • (3) initiated by DDSD area office intake staff who identify persons who:

    • (A) meet the eligibility requirements in this Section; and

    • (B) have needs that can be resolved through use of Emergency Services;  • 1

  • (4) evaluated individually by the DDSD division administrator or designee;

  • (5) not an entitlement to services from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services;

  • (6) provided contingent upon availability of resources; and

  • (7) authorized for up to a 90-day period for a total amount not exceeding $750.  Extension of services beyond 90 days or in excess of $750 may be authorized by the DDSD division administrator or designee on an individual basis upon receipt of a written request that includes justification for the extension as set forth in subsection (a) of this Section.


Revised 6-1-10

1.Intake staff assemble necessary information upon request by any interested person and submit the request to the Developmental Disabilities Services Division State Office.

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