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Library: Policy

340:100-3-31. Student placements

Issued 5-18-92

     The DDSD makes available opportunities for educational experiences for students in health care or related fields through internships, externships, field placements or similar learning experiences at program sites.

  • (1) Student placements are beneficial to, and do not interfere with, client care, treatments, and/or habilitation.
  • (2) The participating student must be sponsored by a bona fide educational instructor, and be in good standing in a recognized educational program.
  • (3) The participating educational institution designates a faculty member to coordinate the program with the program area and supervise the students.
  • (4) The program area arranges for the orientation and direct supervision of students by an appropriate professional staff member who retains responsibility for client services performed by the student.
  • (5) Students are required to comply with all program policies and procedures.
  • (6) Students shall be identified to clients/family who may refuse to accept services provided by the student.
  • (7) Students comply with all legal/professional constraints relating to the practice of their profession while a student.
  • (8) Client medical records are available only when access is necessary to the fulfillment of the student's duties. The professional supervising the student must review, approve, and co-sign any client related paperwork, and by doing so accepts full responsibility for the document's contents.
  • (9) Students (both employees and non-employees) who want to gather data or conduct studies relating to clients must have prior approval and adhere to all guidelines for conducting research as established by DHS, DDSD and the program.
  • (10) Students participating in any DDSD programs are subject to background investigations.
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