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340:100-3-38.10. Medication administration training

Revised 9-15-17

(a) General requirements.Staff must be certified in a medication administration-training course approved by the Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) human resource development director before administering medication(s) to a person receiving services or assisting with a person's medication support plan.

(1) The DDS human resource development director may approve medication administration certification from another state when supplied with a copy of an acceptable course curriculum.

(2) A licensed nurse who maintains a current, unrestricted license is exempt from the training requirements of this paragraph.

(A) Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) may administer medications in accordance with training.

(B) The employer must maintain a copy of the nurse's license in the nurse's personnel file or make the license available for review.

(3) Certification or re-certification to administer medications is valid for two- calendar years from the date of issuance, as long as the person administered medications as a paid, certified staff within the two-calendar year period.

(A) When a person allows his or her medication administration certification to expire, he or she cannot administer medication(s) or assist with a medication support plan.When the person's certification was expired for less than 60-calendar days, the person's certification is renewed by taking the one-day update training.

(B) When the person's medication administration certification was expired for 60-calendar days or more, the person does not administer medication(s) or assist with a medication support plan and must complete an approved initial medication administration class.

(4) All provider agencies must:

(A) establish written rules that ensure compliance with this Section and with applicable federal and state laws;

(B) provide documentation that staff were given an in-service training in agency-specific practices including, but not limited to, medication storage requirements, documentation forms, and procedures for a medication event, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:100-3-34 ; and

(C) maintain a copy of each employee's current certification in his or her personnel file.

(b) Medication administration training provided by provider agencies.DDS provider agencies may conduct medication administration training under the conditions listed in this subsection.

(1) Any provider agency planning to conduct medication administration training or re-certification classes must submit the prospective trainer's credentials to the DDS human resource development director for approval.The provider agency is responsible for ensuring the instructor adheres to the rules in this Section.

(A) The prospective instructor must be an RN or LPN working under the supervision of an RN.

(i) The nurse's license must be current and active through the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing.

(ii) Any exception to the requirement that the instructor be an RN or LPN must be approved in writing by the DDS human resource development director.

(B) Potential instructors with other types of medical experience or licensure may seek approval to teach medication administration training classes by submitting credentials to the DDS human resource development director.

(C) Each instructor must request and receive approval every two years to teach medication administration training.

(2) The DDS human resource development director must approve or deny the agency's request in writing.A letter designating approval of an instructor to conduct medication administration training must be maintained in the instructor's personnel file at the agency.

(3) Approved instructors only use course materials approved by the DDS human resource development director.

(4) Each participant in an initial medication training course receives an approved training manual.

(5) Each agency approved to provide medication administration training must implement an internal monitoring system to review and document the consistency of the training and use of the approved curriculum that is subject to DDS random review.

(6) All medication administration training must be conducted according to the specific requirements of the course, the rules in this Section, and DDS training rules per OAC 340:100-3-38.

(7) Instructors provide signed verification of completion for each participant based on the competency criteria provided in this paragraph.

(A) Each person must satisfactorily complete the course with a minimum passing score of 85 percent for each test or subtest.When a person does not achieve a score of at least 85 percent after taking the exam two times, he or she must repeat the class.

(B) The instructor is responsible for administering a written test to each participant and directly observing test completion.

(8) The agency providing the training maintains documentation of completed medication administration training.Documentation must include the:

(A) name of the agency providing the training;

(B) name(s) of the instructor(s);

(C) name of the training, include whether it is an initial medication administration training or update training;

(D) training date(s);

(E) participant names;

(F) agency name employing each participant; and

(G) each participant's pass or fail status.

(9) The DDS human resource development director may revoke an instructor's approval to provide medication training for violating rules in this Section.

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