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Library: Policy

340:100-17-12. Termination of state funded employment (sheltered workshop) services to a service recipient

Revised 5-12-05

(a) An employment provider may terminate state funded sheltered workshop services for the:

  • (1) service recipient's safety;
  • (2) safety of other service recipients; or
  • (3) service recipient's chronic and consistent violation of workplace rules.

(b) Termination occurs only after:

  • (1) systematic programmatic supports to resolve the problem(s) have proven unsuccessful; and
  • (2) the termination has been discussed by the service recipient's Team.

(c) Termination of services must be consistent with the provider agency's policies regarding terminations and due process.

(d) Termination of employment services to a service recipient requires proper notification.

  • (1) The service recipient and legal guardian or advocate are notified in writing of specific violations and of the provider agency's grievance procedure.
    • (A) Termination of employment services is preceded by a minimum written notice of 30 days.
    • (B) The 30-day notice requirement does not apply when:
      • (i) an emergency termination is mandated by the service recipient's health care needs; or
      • (ii) the termination is necessary due to imminent risk to the lives or health of other service recipients as documented in the service recipient's record.
  • (2) Termination occurs only after reasonable attempts have been made to resolve the issue(s).  Attempts to reconcile concerns are documented in the service recipient's record.

(e) Terminations or proposed terminations may be reviewed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) to determine compliance with this Section.

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