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Library: Policy

340:100-17-15. Requirements for agencies providing state-funded employment (sheltered workshop) services

Revised 5-12-05

(a) State-funded employment services provider agencies comply with all applicable United States Department of Labor rules and regulations that govern the employment of workers with disabilities under special certificates.

(b) Within the first 30 days of service delivery, the provider agency ensures that all service recipients have an individualized employment assessment represented in the Individual Plan (IP) specifying short term and long term employment outcomes and action steps.  The IP is reviewed and updated at least annually.

(c) The provider agency has a clearly articulated mission statement and promulgates policy and procedures consistent with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) policies regarding:

  • (1) services and programs;
  • (2) service recipient rights;
  • (3) grievances and appeals;
  • (4) involuntary discharge and due process;
  • (5) confidentiality;
  • (6) abuse and neglect prevention and reporting; and
  • (7) advocacy.
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