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340:10-5-1. Age

Revised 11-1-23

(a) Age requirement.  A child meets the age requirement to receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) from birth through the month he or she turns:

(1) 18 years of age; or

(2) 19 years of age when he or she attends school full time, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:10-13-1 and expects to graduate during or before the month he or she turns 19 years of age. 

(b) Age verification.  The worker accepts the parent or guardian's statement to establish the child's age unless the information is inconsistent with other facts or there are observations that cause the worker to question the parent or guardian's statement.  When questions exist, the parent or guardian must verify the information.  Acceptable documents are listed in (1) through (2) of this subsection.

(1) An original or certified birth certificate, acceptable hospital certificate, or Form 08MA015E, Reporting of Newborn Child of SoonerCare Member, is conclusive evidence of birthdate, and the worker uses it as verification, when available.  A hospital birth certificate is considered acceptable when it includes the:

(A) child's name and birthdate;

(B) name of the institution or geographical location of the birth;

(C) name of the parent(s); and

(D) signature of the attending physician or responsible hospital staff member such as the administrator, nurse, or records supervisor.

(2) When the parent or guardian provides other birth information from hospital records other than an acceptable hospital birth certificate, birth scrolls, and similar records, he or she must provide two other documents that show the same birthdate for the child, with no evidence to the contrary.  Documents include:  • 1

(A) baptismal, confirmation, or other church and parish records.  These records may be in the possession of the family or on record at the church;

(B) passports.  Persons with visas may have documents in their possession showing the child's birthdate at the time the visa was issued;

(C) court records;

(D) insurance and burial policies when the date of birth at the time the policy was issued, is entered on the insurance policy;

(E) any social agency records including Oklahoma Human Services records;

(F) records from a public or private hospital, other type of institution, or home, giving the child's birthdate at the time of admission;

(G) family records, such as an entry of a child's birthdate in a family Bible or other similar document when no changes were made to the entry by erasure or overwriting;

(H) records from the child's school or school district office.  These records are made from information given by the parent or guardian; or

(I) United States Census records.  When possible, data given for more than one year is reviewed for purposes of corroboration.

Revised 11-1-23

1. (a) The worker images the documents provided in the Family Assistance/Client Services (FACS) when possible or describes them in FACS case notes. 

(b) When the original or certified birth certificate, acceptable hospital birth certificate, or Form 08MA015E, Reporting of Newborn Child of SoonerCare Member, is not provided, the worker must carefully evaluate the secondary documents provided to determine if they contain consistent information or appear to be altered in any way.  When there are inconsistencies or alterations, the worker must reconcile the differences.  The worker's analysis and evaluation of the documents and his or her conclusion as to birthdate, must be recorded in FACS case notes.  Final determination as to birthdate is made on the basis of accumulated information; all of which must be shown in the case record.  

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