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340:10-2-5. Job search activities

Revised 9-15-20

The primary objective of all job search activities is for applicants and recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to obtain employment through personal contacts with employers.The worker and the participant jointly determine the number of employer contacts based on availability of child care, financial resources, jobs in the community, skills and abilities, and any other factors which affect or influence the participant's ability to obtain employment.

(1) An employer contact is defined as a face-to-face interview with an employer, the completion and return of any application to an employer, including an on-line application, or the completion of tests required for employment with the state, local, or federal government.The participant records employer contacts on Form 08TW010E, Employer Contact List.

(2) Job search is defined as the participant's job seeking efforts.  • 1Persons in job search activities are eligible for participant allowances and may be eligible for child care for the time they are actively looking for a job or in a group activity.  • 2

(A) The participant is given Form 08TW013E, TANF Time and Progress Report, to complete and return to the worker by the time frame shown on the form. • 3

(i) Additional job search may be required as a part of another work activity when it would improve the participant's employment prospects.  • 4

(ii) The number of employer contacts to be made each week is included in the employability plan.  • 5

(B) When the participant has not obtained a job after a reasonable amount of time, the worker and the participant review the employability plan to determine if another activity is more appropriate.

(C) The maximum amount of time spent in job search activities cannot exceed 240 hours at 20 hours per week or 360 hours at 30 hours per week for the preceding 12-month period for any person.  • 6

Revised 9-15-20

1.The worker provides information, resources, and any materials the participant needs to initiate the job search process.This can include inviting employers to provide information about their businesses and available employment in the community.The worker is responsible for monitoring the participant's job search activities, which includes:

(1) reviewing the completed Form 08TW013E, TANF Time and Progress Report;

(2) spot-checking the accuracy of the information on Form 08TW010E, Employer Contact List; and

(3) any other activities necessary to assist the participant towards self-sufficiency.

2.Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:10-2-8 regarding support services and OAC 340:40 regarding child care.

3.Form 08TW13E instructs the participant to submit pages one and two to the local county office by the 20th of the current month and pages three and four by the fifth of the next month.

4.Other agencies' placement services, such as community colleges and career technical schools are used when available.

5.The worker makes a face-to-face contact with each participant to determine progress, to see if any problems exist, and to offer encouragement and support.

6.No more than four consecutive weeks can count as federal participation at one time.
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