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Library: Policy

340:10-19-4. Substantiation of eligibility for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-Emergency Assistance (TANF-EA)

Revised 7-1-00

     The statements of the applicant, or person acting in behalf of the client, are recorded on the application and signed by the applicant. When this information is complete, consistent, and required verification is provided, eligibility can be established. When the applicant, or person acting in behalf of the client, is unable to give information or when such information is incomplete, contradictory, or inconclusive, facts to substantiate eligibility are established immediately by collateral contacts, home visits, or other verification procedures.   • 1

  1. Information recorded in the narrative must include:

    • (1) nature of the crisis situation and that all other resources such as emergency funds from other organizations and agencies are not available;

    • (2) effect of the emergency;

    • (3) documentation of social services specialist's evaluation and required verification;

    • (4) how emergency need(s) will be met; and

    • (5) a statement of the offer of social services and the result of the offer.

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