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Library: Policy

340:10-19-10. Eligibility requirements for Emergency Family Services (EFS)

Revised 7-1-00


Presumptive eligibility.

When the Office of Field Operations, child welfare services social services specialist determines that the child(ren) is at imminent risk of removal from the home, the social services specialist presumes the child(ren) and family to be eligible pending approval of eligibility and may authorize EFS as determined appropriate and necessary. Title IV-A funding is contingent upon a subsequent approval of eligibility.

(b) Eligibility criteria. The social services specialist determines eligibility based on verification and documentation that:

  • (1) an emergency exists involving a child(ren) because of:
    • (A) abuse;
    • (B) neglect;
    • (C) abandonment;
    • (D) delinquency or the need for supervised behavior;
    • (E) the need to remove a child(ren) from the child's home;
    • (F) the imminent threat of (A) - (E); or
    • (G) the lack of a proper caretaker which deprives or would deprive a child(ren) of proper living arrangements or cause destitution.
  • (2) the family has not received authorization for Title IV-A Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-Emergency Assistance (TANF-EA) or EFS within the last 12 months;
  • (3) the child(ren) has resided with one or both parents or a specified relative within the last six months prior to the emergency;
  • (4) the child(ren) is without resources immediately accessible to meet the needs; and
  • (5) an adult family member's refusal without good cause of a job or training did not cause the emergency.
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