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Library: Policy

340:1-11-40. Purpose and scope

Revised 9-15-23

(a) The purpose of this Section is to establish a uniform system for processing:

(1) requests for reasonable accommodation per the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA)  • 1 from employees, job applicants, or clients; and

(2) appeals from employees, applicants, or clients regarding a request for reasonable accommodation.

(b) Oklahoma  Human Services (OKDHS) employees, OKDHS applicants for OKDHS employment, and clients served by OKDHS have the right to request a reasonable accommodation when a disability causes:

(1) an employee to be unable to perform an essential function of the position;

(2) an applicant for employment to need assistance to apply or interview; or

(3) a client to be unable to access an OKDHS service or program.

(c) Discrimination, including retaliation, against persons exercising rights under the accommodation request procedure is prohibited.  Form 14CR003, The Request for Reasonable Accommodation, is available online and in each office and facility upon request.

(d) Examples of reasonable accommodations are found at:

Instructions To Staff 340:1-11-40

Revised 9-15-23

 1.       Contact the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for more information or assistance.

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