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Library: Policy

340:1-11-13. Determination of site or location of facilities

Revised 9-15-16

Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) offices or facilities or those of a DHS vendor contracted for the delivery of services must be physically accessible to all minority groups and persons with disabilities.DHS may withhold approval until requirements per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:1-11-1 are met by applicants for grants, reimbursements, and provisions of services, based on the criteria in (1) - (4).

(1) The effect on the particular racial, ethnic, or disabled groups served by the facility prior to the proposed relocation is studied.

(2) Where a particular group has no other alternative services available, the contractual participant ensures services for minority and disabled persons.

(3) The relocating agency provides adequate assurance that it does provide services to disabled persons and minorities residing in the community, such as specialty hospitals or other unique service facilities.

(4) The relocating agency provides adequate assurance that the facilities or agencies remaining in the area originally serviced must provide adequate services to the concerned minorities or disabled group.

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