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SMART Meters Money Saving Tips

How Can I Save Money Using a Smart Meter?

  • Rather than waiting until the end of the month to receive an electric bill, Smart Meters will allow customers to access information at any time regarding how much electricity they use, when they use it, and its cost, and adjust their energy use to lower their electric bills.
  • As Smart Meters are installed, Oklahoma utilities are offering optional rate plans, with special low rates for “off-peak” times when demand for electricity is lower and higher rates for “on-peak” times.  When customers enroll in these optional rate programs, they have the ability to manage their energy use to shift usage away from higher-priced “on-peak” hours and into lower-priced “off-peak” hours, thereby saving money.
  • Customers can use a programmable thermostat, with settings they choose, to reduce usage when no one is home or during periods of peak pricing.
  • Some customers choose to program their thermostats to slightly raise the temperature in the home during “on-peak” hours, thereby using less air conditioning during higher priced times and saving money. This is even a great option for homes where residents are home during peak hours.
  • Customers can shift energy-intensive appliances such as washers/dryers, dishwashers, dishwashers, or ovens to “off-peak” hours to minimize energy use during higher-priced times.
  • Customers can use timers to shut off pools, hot-tubs, and other similar appliances during peak hours.
  • Customers can avoid heavy hot water usage during peak hours in homes with electric water heaters.
  • Customers can plan outings during peak time to reduce home energy consumption. Some have reported great savings from running errands, conducting shopping, and other similar items during peak pricing.
  • Customers can plan meal preparation, when possible, to avoid peak hours.

How Can I Save Energy Using a Smart Meter?

Since Smart Meters allow customers to access information at any time regarding how much electricity they use, when they use it, and its cost, consumers can also utilize this information to make choices that conserve energy overall. Once aware of their energy use in detail, customers may choose to modify a variety of behaviors to conserve energy in the short or long term. The following is a short list of ideas -- please feel free to share your experiences with us and we will post additional ideas on this page:

  • Contact your utility to see if they are currently offering any energy efficiency program specials.
  • Regularly view your usage data to help identify potential energy vampires. Customers that regularly monitor the online tools have reported an ability to identify faulty water heaters and other appliances through large spikes in electric usage.
  • Use power strips which can be turned off, or unplug appliances when not in use to avoid small power usage in standby mode.
  • Raise the temperature slightly in your  home to conserve energy. Small changes in the degrees can have great impacts.
  • Upgrade older or inefficient appliances to newer or more efficient models, such as EnergyStar appliances, to save money over the long term.
  • Switch out older lighting and replace it with more efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs).
  • Use curtains to block heat from the sunlight, especially during peak hours.

Does My Electric Utility Offer Smart Meters?

Please see below for links to Oklahoma electric utility information regarding smart meter availability and benefits:

Last Modified on Oct 28, 2020
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