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Hearing Screening Information and Resources

Brochures & Order Forms

Download single copies of the Newborn Hearing Screening pamphlet below, or fill out an order form and fax to the number on the form to order multiple copies.

Local & National Resources

There are many state and national resources available to assist, inform, and educate families of infants and toddlers diagnosed with hearing loss. Links below include state early interventions sites and national resources that provide information about early childhood hearing loss. While the links are comprehensive, they are not all-inclusive. These sites have been assessed as useful for educational purposes; however, the Newborn Hearing Screening Program cannot guarantee the accuracy of all of the content included in the links.

State Resources

Pediatric Audiology Resources

This document was created by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Newborn Hearing Screening Program in conjunction with the Oklahoma Audiology Taskforce (OKAT) in 2011. The information was compiled from a statewide survey of licensed audiologists in July 2010 to serve as a resource for families, medical home providers, and newborn hearing screening programs. It should not be viewed as a complete resource directory or as an endorsement of any specific agency. Provider services were self-reported and not verified by the OSDH or the OKAT. Please call ahead to verify this information with a site as details can change over time.

Pediatric Audiology Protocols

The following recommended protocols were developed by the Oklahoma Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP) in collaboration with the Oklahoma Audiology Taskforce (OKAT). Protocols are to be implemented by individuals licensed by the State of Oklahoma to practice audiology.

Birth to 3 years Hearing Screening Protocols

Developed by the Oklahoma Audiology Taskforce (OKAT) in collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH): Oklahoma Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP), Oklahoma Pediatric Audiology Program, SoonerStart Part C Early Intervention, and the Child Guidance Program to be implemented by child health programs and providers that are performing hearing screenings for children from birth to three years old. These protocols are an expansion of previous state protocols, but includes additional resources requested by clinician’s serving this population such as genetic information, audiology referral form, tip sheets for optimal screenings, parent template letters that can be modified to meet the needs of any program.

Oklahoma Protocol for Infant Audiologic Diagnostic Assessment

Developed as a guide for professionals who serve as a referral resource for infants that do not pass newborn hearing screening. The protocol should be used to facilitate the diagnosis of hearing loss, to obtain medical clearance for amplification, and to fit amplification systems on infants with hearing loss by three months of age.

Oklahoma Protocol for Pediatric Amplification

Developed to ensure that Oklahoma children will receive full-time and consistent audibility of the speech signal at safe and comfortable listening levels.

Guidelines: A School Hearing Screening Program 

Revised to ensure that appropriate hearing screenings are completed to identify children with hearing loss that may hinder their ability to communicate. A systematic program for screening all children at certain ages and grades and for screening at-risk children must be implemented. The guideline identifies the personnel needed to operate the program, lists a recommended screening schedule and describes the screening equipment, screening environment and screening techniques. Other topics include how to discuss hearing screening results, lists referral criteria, and provides a screening record keeping form.

Early Intervention Services

SoonerStart Early Intervention Program

Infants identified with hearing loss need assistance in developing communication. It is necessary for intervention to begin as soon after birth as possible. Many Oklahoma babies with hearing loss have been diagnosed and fitted with hearing aids within the first month of life. Frequently, these infants are enrolled in an intervention program before they are six weeks old. Information about Oklahoma’s Part C Early Intervention Program is below.

Listen From Ear-to-Ear Monthly Newsletter

National Resources

The links below provide general information about hearing, hearing loss, hearing screening, diagnostic assessment, hearing aids, intervention services, intervention methodologies, communication systems, deaf culture, and parent support.

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