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Rules and Statutes

Rules Pertaining to Injury Prevention Service Data Collection

310:515-1-4. Additional diseases, conditions, and injuries to be reported

310:515-1-6. Additional diseases may be designated.

  • The Commissioner of Health may designate any disease or condition as reportable for a designated period of time for the purpose of special investigation.

Statutes Pertaining to Injury Prevention Service Areas of Focus

All-Terrain Vehicles

Drug/Medication Intervention and Control

  • 63 O.S. § 1-2506.1. Authorization of First Responders to Administer Opiate Antagonists
  • 63 O.S. § 1-2506.2. Prescribing Opiate Antagonists to Family Members of Individuals Who Exhibit Signs of Overdose
  • 63 O.S. § 2-309. Relates to prescriptions for controlled dangerous substances; prohibits refills for any product containing hydrocodone.
  • 63 O.S. § 2-309D. Anti-Drug Diversion Act. Adding Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the State Board of Health/State Department of Health access to central repository information for certain purposes.

Graduated Driver Licensing / Cell Phone Use While Driving


Motor Vehicle Passenger Safety

Rights of Victims of Violent Crimes

Sports-related Head Injuries