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About Us

Oklahoma Turning Point was created in response to a Request for Proposal issued by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 1997.  Oklahoma was one of 14 states that received funding.  The overarching aim is to transform and improve the public health infrastructure by building partnerships at the community or “grassroots” level.

This epic initiative debuted as a pilot of three diverse communities: Cherokee County, Texas County, and Tulsa County. 

Operational since 1998, diverse groups of people work together at the “grassroots” level identify health priorities, develop practical solutions, and strive to achieve  long-term change that can be scaled up or replicated in other communities across the state.  The Oklahoma State Board of Health adopted Turning Point as the vehicle for transforming health at the local level in [2000].  Every community is unique; therefore, solutions to complex health issues are tailored to the “landscape” of the particular community rather than a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all model.  

The Office of Partner Engagement is anchored by two pivotal convictions: 1) communities have inherent strengths; and 2) everyone has a stake in public health.

Vision: Healthy Oklahoma Communities
Mission:  Build Healthy Communities through Strategic Partnerships

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