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Post-election audit results of the June 28 Primary Election are now available. View the report.






OFFICE DISTRICT CANDIDATE --------------------------------------------------------------- Attorney General W.A. Drew Edmondson State Treasurer Robert A. Butkin District Attorney 1 Don E. Wood 2 Richard L. Dugger 3 John M. Wampler 5 Robert Schulte 6 Gene Christian 7 Bob Macy 10 Larry D. Stuart 12 Gene Haynes 15 John David Luton 17 Walter Hamilton 22 William N. Peterson 24-A Thomas C. Giulioli 26 Ray Don Jackson State Senator 2 Stratton Taylor 10 J. Berry Harrison 26 Gilmer Capps 38 Robert M. Kerr State Representative 1 Terry J. Matlock 4 Bob Ed Culver 7 Larry D. Roberts 8 Larry D. Rice 13 Bill Settle 16 M. C. Leist 17 Mike Mass 19 Randall Lee Erwin 21 James H. Dunegan 22 Danny Hilliard 25 Bob Plunk 32 Don Kinnamon 33 Dale W. Wells 42 Bill Mitchell 49 Fred Stanley 50 Jari Askins 57 James E. Covey 59 Clay Pope 60 Randy L. Beutler 62 Abe Deutschendorf 63 Loyd Benson 65 Jim R. Glover 89 Charles Gray 99 Opio Toure


Office District Candidate --------------------------------------------------------------- District Attorney 8 John G. Maddox 9 Robert L. Hudson 11 Frederick S. Esser 24 Max Cook State Senator 34 Grover R. Campbell 40 Brooks Douglass State Representative 11 Mike Wilt 35 Larry Ferguson 37 Jim Newport 39 Wayne Pettigrew 43 Tony Kouba 46 Doug Miller 69 Fred R. Perry 79 Chris Hastings 80 Scott Adkins 81 Ray Vaughn 82 Leonard E. Sullivan 83 Fred Morgan 84 Bill Graves 98 Tim Pope 100 Richard Phillips


District Judge

District Candidate --------------------------------------------------------------- District 1, Office 1 Greg A. Zigler District 3, Office 1 Richard Darby District 4, Office 1 Ray Dean Linder District 4, Office 2 Ronald G. Franklin District 5, Office 1 C. Allen McCall Jr. District 5, Office 2 George W. Lindley District 5, Office 3 Roy Moore District 5, Office 4 Mark Randall Smith District 5, Office 5 Steve Lile District 6, Office 1 Richard G. Van Dyck District 7, Office 3 Niles Jackson District 7, Office 4 Bryan C. Dixon District 7, Office 5 Nancy L. Coats District 7, Office 8 Virgil C. Black District 7, Office 12 Carolyn R. Ricks District 9, Office 1 Donald L. Worthington District 10, Office 1 J.R. Pearman District 11, Office 1 John G. Lanning District 12, Office 1 James D. Goodpaster District 12, Office 2 Dynda R. Post District 14, Office 2 Jesse S. Harris District 14, Office 3 Jane P. Wiseman District 14, Office 4 David L. Peterson District 14, Office 5 Jefferson D. Sellers District 14, Office 6 Sharron M. Bubenik District 14, Office 7 Tom Gillert District 14, Office 8 P. Thomas Thornbrugh District 14, Office 10 Greg Frizzell District 15, Office 3 John C. Garrett District 15, Office 4 James E. Edmondson District 16, Office 1 George McBee District 17, Office 1 Willard L. Driesel Jr. District 18, Office 1 Steven W. Taylor District 19, Office 1 Farrell M. Hatch District 20, Office 1 Thomas S. Walker District 20, Office 2 John H. Scaggs District 21, Office 1 Wm. C. Bill Hetherington Jr. District 21, Office 2 Candace L. Blalock District 21, Office 3 Tom A. Lucas District 22, Office 2 Tom Landrith District 23, Office 1 Paul M. Vassar District 24, Office 1 Donald D. Thompson District 24, Office 2 Franklin D. Rahhal District 24, Office 3 John Maley District 24, Office 4 Joe Sam Vassar District 24, Office 5 Charles M. Humphrey III District 25, Office 1 Doug Gabbard II District 26, Office 1 Edward C. Cunningham


Associate District Judge

District Candidate --------------------------------------------------------------- Adair County David Harris Alfalfa County David Cullen Atoka County Danny L. Scroggins Beaver County Gerald H. Riffe Beckham County Doug Haught Bryan County Rocky L. Powers Caddo County David E. Powell Canadian County Gary E. Miller Carter County Lee Card Cherokee County Mark L. Dobbins Choctaw County Don Ed Payne Cimarron County Ronald L. Kincannon Cleveland County Alan J. Couch Coal County Richard E. Branam Creek County April Sellers White Dewey County Robert W. Collier Ellis County Joe L. Jackson Garfield County Richard M. Perry Garvin County Richard B. McClain Grady County Oteka L. Alford Grant County Michael Ray Dayton Harmon County Winford Mike Warren Harper County Jon D. Douthitt Haskell County John N. Henderson Hughes County Gregg M. Smith Jackson County Clark Edward Huey Jefferson County Jon Tom Staton Johnston County Robert M. Highsmith Kay County Leslie D. Page Kingfisher County Susie Pritchett LeFlore County Ted A. Knight Lincoln County David Welch Logan County Larry Brooks Love County Charles E. Roberts McClain County Noah Ewing McCurtain County John A. Tony Benson Major County Vince Barefoot Mayes County Terry H. McBride Murray County Timothy K. Colbert Noble County Dan Allen Nowata County James L. Sontag Okfuskee County David N. Martin Oklahoma County Nan J. Patton Okmulgee County Mike Claver Ottawa County Robert E. Reavis II Pawnee County Matthew D. Henry Payne County Robert M. Murphy Jr. Pittsburg County Thomas M. Bartheld Pontotoc County Martha K. Kilgore Roger Mills County Gale F. Smith Rogers County Jack K. Mayberry Seminole County Lee G. Stilwell Sequoyah County A. J. Henshaw Jr. Texas County George Leach Tillman County David A. Barnett Wagoner County Darrell Shepherd Washington County Janice P. Dreiling Washita County Joe Burch Woods County Alan R. Gottsch Woodward County Joseph P. Marak Jr.

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