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2020 Presidential General Election Candidates and Documents

Presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates are listed below as they will appear on the November 3 ballot in order, as determined by a public drawing. View the public drawing on Facebook.

Oklahoma has seven electors. Due to space restrictions, the list of electors for each candidate will not appear on the 2020 General Election ballot; however, they will be listed at each polling place. The list of presidential electors is available on our website.

Donald J. Trump – President (Republican)

Michael R. Pence – Vice President (Republican)
Jo Jorgenson – President (Libertarian)
Jeremy “Spike” Cohen – Vice President (Libertarian)
  • Provisional Certification of Nominees - N/A
Joseph R. Biden – President (Democrat)
Kamala Harris – Vice President (Democrat)
Jade Simmons – President (Independent)
Claudeliah J. Roze – Vice President (Independent)
Kanye West – President (Independent)
Michelle Tidball – Vice President (Independent)
Brock Pierce – President (Independent)
Karla Ballard – Vice President (Independent)
Last Modified on Nov 24, 2021
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