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Wrecker Services: Questions on Paperwork

  1. What do I do with the wrecker service office license and the vehicle cab cards mailed to me after getting licensed?

    • The wrecker service office license must be posted on the wall inside of your office where the public can see and read it. The rates as listed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission should be posted next to your license and must be posted at all times. The cab card (vehicle specific) must be placed inside your corresponding wrecker vehicle. 
  2. What is a wrecker log book?

    • The wrecker log book must be completed after each law enforcement tow and each private property impound. The book is posted on our web page: Wrecker Services Log Book.
  3. What do I do with the Report of Stored Vehicle form also known as the 30 Day form?

    • The 30 Day form is to be used by wrecker services that have any vehicle stored on their lot for 30 days. The form must be sent to the Department of Public Safety within five (5) days of the 30th day of storage. Failure to send this form by the 35th day can require you to give up all storage fees and a judge could fine you $25.00 per day the report is late as stated in Title 47 Section 964. DPS does not send notifications to owners or lien holder from this notification. DPS only checks the vehicle identification number to see if the vehicle is listed as stolen. If a stolen report is received, DPS will notify the reporting agency.
  4. Can I send in the 30 Day report earlier than the 30th day?

    • The only exception to sending the report in before the 30th day is if the vehicle is a junk vehicle. A junk vehicle is described as any vehicle which is ten (10) years old or older and worth less than three hundred dollars ($300.00). To send the report in early, you must write "JUNK" at the top of the report.
  5. What are the procedures for doing a private property impound?

    • The owner or agent of the private property must contact you to ask if you will tow a vehicle that has been left on their property for more than forty-eight (48) hours or it has been left without expressed or implied consent. Wrecker Services must follow and meet any city ordinances if the vehicle to be towed is within the city limits. Wrecker Services can then complete the Tow Request and Authorization Form prior to removal of abandoned vehicles from real property.
    • The white copy of the Tow Request and Authorization Form shall be forwarded to the Department of Public Safety, Wrecker Services Division, P. O. Box 53004, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152-9998, or can fax the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the area where the vehicle was removed, within seventy-two (72) hours from time of removal. (If within city limits, send to PD, outside any city, send to County Sheriff). A facsimile or email of the Tow Request and Authorization Form shall be considered the original form if a printed or digital confirmation of the facsimile transmission is available. [47 O.S. §954A -F] to obtain the forms, you may email the Wrecker Services Division.
    • Each wrecker operator shall be responsible for verifying the identity of the person signing the tow request and authorization form and shall put the driver license number or state-issued identification card number of that person on the tow request and authorization form. If someone does not wish to give this information, they should be advised the wrecker service cannot legally tow the vehicle.
    • The Tow Request and Authorization form shall be completed with the following information:
      1. A description of the vehicle, including the type of vehicle, year of manufacture, name of the manufacture, vehicle color or colors, identification number and license tag number;
      2. The name, address and business telephone number of the licensed Class AA wrecker service;
      3. The name, address, telephone number and driver license number or state-issued identification card number of the real property owner, legal possessor or authorized agent;
      4. Inventory of personal property within the vehicle to be towed, if no inventory is completed, the reason shall be clearly stated on the form;
      5. Time and date the form is completed; and
      6. Signatures of the driver of the wrecker vehicle and of the owner, legal possessor or authorized agent of the real property. They shall jointly, and each in the presence of the other, inventory personal property found within or upon the vehicle.
    • A copy of the completed Tow Request and Authorization Form shall be retained by the signatories and the licensed Class AA wrecker service shall maintain the wrecker vehicle driver's copy for not less than one (1) year.
    • Upon completion of the tow, the Class AA wrecker service shall perform the following:
      1. Within three (3) business days of the time indicated on the form request the Oklahoma Tax Commission or other appropriate motor license agent to furnish the name and address of the current owner and/or lien holder of the vehicle.
      2. Within seven (7) days from receipt of the requested information from the Oklahoma Tax Commission or other motor license agent, send a notice of the location of the vehicle by certified mail, postage prepaid, at the addresses furnished, to the owner and any lien holder of the vehicle.
      3. If the licensed Class AA wrecker service has not complied with the notification procedures required in this section, the owner or lien holder shall not be required to pay for storage of the vehicle per Title 47 § 954A (G).
  6. Who do I call if I have a question regarding getting a title or doing a Title 42?

    • Contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission Title 42 section regarding Title 42 or you can call for a title consultant for other titling questions at (405) 521-3221.
Last Modified on Mar 20, 2023
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