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Ordering and Distribution

  • Providers place COVID-19 vaccine orders in OSIIS.
  • Providers can place orders on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. The cutoff date/time is Monday at 5 p.m. each week.
  • Providers are required to reconcile and order vaccines only once during the ordering time frame: Thursday, Friday, or Monday. Reconciliation and order must be closed/submitted on the same day.   
  • Place separate orders for each vaccine supplier. One for Moderna (min order 100 doses), one for Pfizer (min order 450 doses) and one for Janssen (min order 100 doses) as needed.   
  • Providers can order as much or as little as they need. If they need less than min order quantity (Moderna - min order 100 doses; Pfizer - min order 450 doses, Janssen - min order 100 doses), they still must order min quantity in OSIIS and add a comment with the actual amount needed.   

  • The cut off for providers to request any changes/cancellation to orders is Tuesday, 1 p.m.
  • To request a change, a provider should email to OSDH VaccineHelp. 
  • If provider doesn’t receive a confirmation of changes/cancellation within 24h, provider must call the OSDH Immunization Service (405) 426-8580 to ensure that the order has been cancelled.

  • All provider orders in OSIIS will be rejected on Tuesday with a note that County Health Department (CHD) will fulfill the order and will get in touch with them via email or phone. 
    • Example of the message: "Your order will be fulfilled by your County Health Department. Watch for e-mail communication about the process and phone calls to arrange vaccine transfer."
  • CHDs will deliver vaccines to providers on the same or the following week.  
  • COVID-19 vaccine delivery/order fulfillment: Health Districts and County Health Departments Contacts.

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Vaccine Ordering

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