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Customized Professional Development

Invest in yourself, your team, and the agency with just-in-time tailored trainings to meet your small group needs. Together, we can learn and grow to better serve the people of Oklahoma.

Collaborative Technologies

Make Sense of SharePoint & TEAMS

Engage through TEAMS

Digital Notes and Files

Office 365 Surveys & Forms

Video Conference Facilitation

Collaboration in the Workplace

Customer Service Excellence

Effective Meetings

Service-Related Soft Skills

Strategic Planning

Team Building

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mental Health

Unconscious Bias, Prejudice, & Stereotyping

Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity

Power & Privilege

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Teaching & Curriculum Development

Non-traditional Initiatives


Contact any member of the Leadership and Professional Development team for more information. If you would like a topic not listed just ask and we will our best to create it.

Dr. Steven Aragon

Nancy Rodriguez

Renee Reed

Tessa Lazor

Last Modified on Mar 01, 2023
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